Beauty’s Beast

Beauty often

ImageIs the word
Comes to mind
No vision blurred

They move with grace

With Silent power
Feminine character
Controls all hours

Time is part

Of whom they are
The past, present
Their strong tower

Potential of life

Always present
The womb their gift
A loving presence

In union,

With creation
They bestow
Mankind as infants
World will grow

Weaker is

The one who pines
To take control
A selfish wine

To steal the beauty

A pitiful thief
Envy and bitterness
He fights to keep

Creation cannot be taken

He learns to slow
Turns to death
Sadly mistaken

To harness the supremacyImage

Is not the key
To be the servant
Will set him free

Not destruction

Not for self
Will accomplishments

In giving as a willing slave
Beauty is captured
And is tamed
To look upon with awe
A right
No longer shame

Miguel Perez-Santalla

About G. Miguel Perez-Santalla

A Business man with a passion for sharing the good news that still exist in this world.
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