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One of the most beautiful things I have ever read

In an email exchange today I asked a friend who retired two years ago how he was doing. below was his response and it was absolutely beautiful.   I’m loving retirement. I learned to play tennis and get to play … Continue reading

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Farewell to Summer for Jon Patterson

Below is the adaptation of the song Big John for our summer intern at Heraeus, Jon Patterson, who is going back to Fordham University and will not be able to stay on full time at our company. Big Jon (Patterson) Ev’ry … Continue reading

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Reason to Rejoice

I was walking on a trail in the Watchung Reservation with my three dogs. It was a hot day and this is the best time to go into the woods were the temperature is typically 10 to 20 degrees cooler. … Continue reading

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2006- Revisited

From: January, 2006 It was about one year ago I made a difficult change in my life. It didn’t affect many people. It was simply that I had decided to befriend and get to know a homeless person. I felt … Continue reading

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Die for Truth

Over the centuries there have been people willing to courageously speak the truth. Even when the path of least resistance would have secured their own prosperity. The path of least resistance, silence, when one looks at the history of man … Continue reading

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Live and Let Die

I recently have been to a few steak restaurants. Interestingly enough you may know that I have not eaten beef in over a month. Still, these visits have raised a new observation. Many of the restaurants are now owned under … Continue reading

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NO- A Good Word

NO is not a bad word. It is an affirmative and confirmation of a direction. I like the word very much, the words I don’t like are “maybe”, “I’ll get back to you” or “I’m not sure”. Yes is equally … Continue reading

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