Farewell to Summer for Jon Patterson

Jon PattersonBelow is the adaptation of the song Big John for our summer intern at Heraeus, Jon Patterson, who is going back to Fordham University and will not be able to stay on full time at our company.

Big Jon (Patterson)

Ev’ry mornin’ in the city you could see him arrive

He stood six foot six and weighed two twenty five

Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip

And everybody knew, ya didn’t give no lip to Big Jon

(Big Jon, Big Jon)

Big Bad Jon

(Big Jon)

We all knew where Jon called home

He just came into town and stayed all alone

He didn’t say much, he was kinda quiet and shy

And if you spoke at all, he just said, “Hi”, Big Jon

Somebody said he came from Mastic Beach

Where he got in a fight over a Long Island Queen

And a crashin’ blow from his huge right hand

Sent a Farmingdale fellow to the Promised Land, Big Jon

(Big Jon, Big Jon)

Big Bad Jon

(Big Jon)

Then came the day he was workin’ on time

When the market collapsed and all started cryin’

Employees were prayin’ and hearts beat fast

And everybody thought the precious metals market breathed its last, ‘cept Jon

Through the dust and the smoke of this market shell

Walked a giant of a man that everyone knew well

Put his fingers to the keyboard, without a groan

And like a giant Oak tree, he just stood there alone, Big Jon

(Big Jon, Big Jon)

Big Bad Jon

(Big Jon)

And with all of his strength he typed a ton

Then a trader yelled out, “There’s a light up above”

And all the team scrambled from a P&L grave

Only one man thank for he was brave, Big Jon

With chairs and computers, the traders stood ground

With his help they turned things around

And then the summer days ended, it was that time

Everybody knew it was the end of full time, for Big Jon

(Big Jon, Big Jon)

Big Bad Jon

(Big Jon)

Now they all still work in that trading pit

Missing his silence where he was quick to sit

These few words are written just to say

Heraeus will miss him every day, big, big man, Big Jon

(Big Jon, Big Jon)

Big Bad Jon

(Big Jon)

(Big Jon)

Big Bad Jon

Copyright  Miguel Perez-Santalla 🙂

About G. Miguel Perez-Santalla

A Business man with a passion for sharing the good news that still exist in this world.
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