Rachel Weeps at Ramah


Over two thousand years ago
A king’s greed shocked a nation
Children murdered
To protect his power and wealth

Herod who are you?
How is it that you still live?
Many men of our day make you,
Their god of worship

In their hearts
No life is safe,
Not in a mother’s womb
As they give up their children
For an alleged better life

The babies are cut into pieces
Body parts sold for experiment
The destruction of life
The population of countries

No war has been more heinous
No crime so disgusting
Herod, Hilter…..Satan
The goal being accomplished
By those chosen for destruction

They buy into the lies
That material goods and career
Bring joy in this life
Pure nonsense
It is the bane of wise men

Later they awaken
To the evil in their hearts
What have I done?
Where are my children?
Why am I alone at the end of my days?

Their bodies are a shell
No more attraction in this world
No love to fill that empty space
Herod filled their earth

They saw the many praying
Upon death of the innocents
Weeping for their sins,
Praying for their conversion
To turn away and
Join the world building lives

Rachel is weeping
At Ramah,
At the Unites States of America
At the European Union
At the United Nations
For their children are no more

©Miguel Perez-Santalla

Author: Guillermo Miguel Perez-Santalla

A businessman with a passion for sharing the good news that still exist in this world.

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