One Issue Voter

Recently a friend of mine who I consider to be intelligent, though he is quite closed-minded and marches to the party drum, said to me “you can’t be a one policy voter”.  He, of course, must be ignorant of what abortion actually is and has not looked into all the facts. Why is this? Because people, in general, are always so quick to go along with what the majority who agrees with their own mindset think. Even to the point of participating in heinous crimes.

Automatically people will reject this notion. But history proves it out again and again. All for what is some sort of economic reform that will benefit the masses they murder people in the tens of millions.  Just look at the deaths of the millions in Nazi Germany where 20 million people predominately Jewish followed by practicing Catholics, Protestants, other minorities were terminated. Or look to the Soviet Union where under Stalin over 20 million were murdered. In China, under Mao Zedong, over 40 million were exterminated because they did not tow the party line. How did they achieve this?

The achieving it was simple. All the leaders had to do was to get everyone to believe something that is not true. Sadly, if you repeat a lie long and loud enough many undiscerning people accept it as truth. The goal is to make the soldier or citizen believe they are not killing a human being who has the same rights as they do. But to make them believe they are killing something else. Some type of vermin. The Jews were targeted as an inferior race and something other than human beings. The Nazis called the Jews “rats”.

Now Stalin called them traitors. No trial was set to see if this were true. No just reasoning imposed to protect the masses. The Soviet Government were the only ones who determined who were Human beings with the right to live. There were no just laws that the west and formerly Russia inherited from Christian moral teachings. All moral norms were thrown out and murders became a normal day to day event justified as the execution of traitors.

Mao Zedong set himself apart and considered himself as a prophet of sorts. Any who did not follow his lead were “enemies of the people”. It was easy to convince the populist that anyone who opposed his teaching was out to hurt the “people”. Without any justice, a cleansing of the society for the good of only a certain group of people was justified. I don’t know about you but if a regime kills 40 million of its own people I would say they are the enemy of the people.

But Evil does not change but constantly plays the same ploy all over the world. In 1994 Rwanda experience a racial genocide not unlike that of the Jews but it was quicker and more vicious. The Hutus blamed the competing peoples of their land the Tutsis for the murder of their leaders. Without trial or proof of any kind, they waged an organized genocide killing 800,000 Tutsi people in four short months. The propaganda encouraging the murder of the innocents was simply prosecuted by calling them something other than humans, they called them “cockroaches”.

Lies no matter how small are evil. But some lies are worse than others. The most heinous and the one swallowed by the globalist because they want to laud their power over all peoples is the denial of human rights. The denial of human rights comes in many stages but the cruelest of all is the destruction of innocent life. But our global society is doing just that. Even worse, the targeted groups are the weakest among us, the minorities, poor and ignorant.

Under the guise of social justice, which is a lie, abortion has been termed a reproductive right. The term itself is a lie because abortion is only about ending human reproduction. The Illuminati like it because it is one way to reduce the poverty problem. Just kill the children before they are born is their solution.

The primary lie told by those that promote abortion is that the child inside the womb is nothing but a clump of cells. Sadly, people are ready to believe whatever they are told when it lets them off from their responsibility to care for a human life, if they deem themselves unprepared. There is even a professor who believes that a parent should be allowed to kill a born infant. I like his position. Why do I like his position? At the least, he is honest. He knows there is no difference between killing the child in the womb or out of the womb. In either case, you are killing a human being.

us-constitution-page-1-torn-edgesSome people argue about when life begins. Well, it’s obvious it begins when a sperm and embryo form a unique DNA at conception. But others will say that it is not human yet. Of course, this is ridiculous. If I plant a seed for corn, yes it is not fully corn yet, but it is corn nonetheless. The seed meets water in a fertile environment corn begins to grow. That is corn. Hence the same is true with a human. The baby begins at conception. But just like corn may fail so too may a human fail after conception. That does not take away that it was human. Just like the corn we should do everything within possibility to ensure its growth. We want a good crop of corn just like we want the birth of human babies.

Abortion is argued as a woman’s right because the baby resides in her body. The truth of the matter is the responsibility falls on both male and female that engaged in the sexual act to own up to their responsibility to bring this life into the world. Sadly, it has become the contraception of last resort, and babies are killed because of irresponsible sexual encounters.

One of the consequences of the abortion rights is the enabling of human trafficking and forced prostitution. The abortion industry allows women to be treated as cattle. Once pregnant their offspring are easily disposed of under the norms enabling cruel traffickers and pimps to maintain control of women.

I have to get back to my real point. Babies are being allowed to be murdered when they are called a fetus. They are even being allowed to be aborted when they are called babies under late term abortion. Simply because if we can’t see the horror, we are led to believe it is not horrible.

Planned Parenthood and Mary Stokes take public money for the slaughter of innocents. They sell the body parts of late-term infants for big money. This is a horror that less than 100 years ago would have shocked and scared any sane human being. But the lie that is it’s not human life has become widespread. I challenge all believers in abortion rights to watch videos of the procedure at every stage.

This is like the murder of innocents in the revolutions and wars. Until the truth comes out people will just go along with the propaganda. If we continue down this path, governments will be the arbiters of Human Life. They will do away with the primary and most important point that an individual’s rights outweigh the rights of the masses.

Mobs are easily formed whipped up into chaos and criminality as history attests. An individual’s right to life should be protected at all stages and governments should not legalize the intentional destruction of human life. Because when murder is legalized there is no end to the destruction of life and liberty of the individual in the name of the so-called “leaders of the people”.

My final statement, I could write a book about this topic, is simple. I cannot and will not ever vote for a politician that is pro-abortion. Pro-abortion is the first step to the end of the individual’s rights and liberty. Because there is nothing more precious in this world than a human life and when human life is reduced to a commodity as many of our society’s leaders so wish to do then we all become easily expendable without due process.

This is the reason I am a one issue voter. I can be swayed on positions of economic or political systems but not on the issue of the right to life.

Addendum: The media and powers don’t want this known. Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election because of the pro-life vote.

About G. Miguel Perez-Santalla

A Business man with a passion for sharing the good news that still exist in this world.
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