The Truth Behind Gun Control or Freedom is not Free

I am 59 years old and never owned a weapon, other than a baseball bat, until the year 2020. For almost all of my life I have been happy and felt secure in the United States of America. I grew up here and could not ever imagine living anywhere else. This is the country of laws, respect for authority and peace. This is the country where you can safely travel from place to place and not even carry identification.

I recall, when I was younger and traveling the globe, people told me stories of violence and horrors that happened in their home countries. Places like Argentina, Colombia, and Cuba from the 1960s to the 1980s and I also met persons who survived the horrors of Stalinist Russia, Mao Zedong’s Chinese revolution and the holocaust of Nazi Germany. It saddened me to no end that men and women can be so cruel to each other. I thanked God that I lived in a country of peace and order.

Fast-forward to summer 2020. The media and certain States have their citizens sequestered in their homes. Half the people are in panic and others like me are not believing how our rights are being so easily stripped away from us. I was and continue to be shocked at how easily this became a norm.

The original story had been, the lockdowns were necessary to prevent the flooding of hospitals. This flood of patients never materialized. Both the makeshift hospital in Central Park and the floating Navy hospital were dismissed rather quickly. In less than three months, this threat was averted. But did we go back to living our lives free of fear? No, in fact, some states would not let family visit their family in Senior Citizens homes and many died alone and lonely. To top it off, things got worse. They would not allow religious services for the dead or any gatherings of more than ten people. These things were bad enough. This we as “free” people allowed happening.

I am not convinced until now of the numbers thrust upon us. This is because I know first hand from doctors and nurses that they were instructed to put death by Covid-19 when it was not often the case. How am I to trust the numbers? The Flu has been eradicated or were these occurrences just absorbed into the fearmongering Covid-19 pandemic? There is so much to distrust about the way this was handled and the propaganda that followed along with it. In the end, we will never know the truth. Massive money and political machinations are behind the vaccines that are following and that incidentally we are all being told is necessary. It has gotten to the point that those that do not wish to take the vaccine are ridiculed.

Then we have the twisting of one racial event into a major countrywide narrative. The death of George Floyd, at the hands of a cruel police officer, which was unnecessary and could have been prevented sparked riots. But then something more sinister began to occur, cities with Marxist strongholds such as Portland and Seattle had full-blown anarchy. Violence and destruction were heaped upon these cities under the guise of fighting so-called systemic racism. I have lived in this country my whole life. I am Latino and have had racist insults thrown at me from the ignorant few. I have had friends of color that also experienced racism. But neither they nor I believe in the claim that it is systemic. This is just a mere fabrication in reference to most of the country. But to actually believe that our police, which are all independent organizations, throughout the states is organized in being racist is a blatant lie manufactured to create division in this country.

It was then that I realized that our country is being attacked by nefarious forces from within. These nefarious forces hide themselves in the guise of political parties, but they do end up showing their true colors. They make outlandish claims about people and insult them to shut up so that they can claim power over the people. They use fear to control people, and then they push them to antagonize or insult their fellow citizens if they do not toe the line.

This is a Marxist communist tactic. They destroy by getting the masses to believe their lies and then having them toe the line. Doing this includes murdering millions of people for the good of their Marxist religion. This is the step to silence those that disagree. The next step is to take away your ability to defend yourself. Many people point to China, Russia and Nazi Germany to make the point that this is what comes next. But it happens with any governing power that wishes to become a dictatorship whether left or right.

This last statement brings me to a current ongoing horror which is the continued enslavement of the Cuban people since 1959. Fidel Castro did the same, disarming the people. What has that led to? Extreme poverty at the hands of a legitimized mafia supported by Marxists around the globe. A country frequently sighted for Human Rights offenses and yet, many countries still support this despotic system. The people cry out for change. They leave the island risking their lives for the liberty we have here and often die trying. But even with a majority of people against the dictatorship they cannot make change because those with control of the weapons have the power. If they rise they will be silenced. They live in fear.

Homeland and Life

Last night I watched Alex Otaola who fled persecution by the Castro regime in 2003. He is an entertainer turned educator. He is raising awareness of all the ignorant around the world of the cruel suffering of the Cuban people. In last night’s show, he broadcast a video of a family being attacked for standing up against the dictatorship. A crowd was at the family’s sad little home shouting all sorts of obscenities. Eggs were thrown at their home. Their windows were painted black while the children are in the home with their parents, terrified and crying. Where were the police? There is no protection for those that oppose the regime. Finally, as a finishing blow, the blood thirsty crowd killed their dog.

Why do you think a crowd can get away with that? It is elementary because they know that those people have no way to defend themselves. The government put the crowd of people up to that, no doubt by offering them a decent meal that week. This, the founding father’s knew, is the risk of a totalitarian government. They knew their present and foresaw our possible future.

A future with a people unable to protect themselves from evil against their family by persons or the government is one I do not want to live in. It is one I would not recognize. I will die for our constitutional right to bear arms if I have must. This is why at the age of 59 I bought my first firearm. If the right to bear arms is taken away from us our future will be bleak, and I don’t plan on being put away in a cage without a defense.

Author: Guillermo Miguel Perez-Santalla

A businessman with a passion for sharing the good news that still exist in this world.

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