Why Black Beans Matter!

It has been quite a long time since I have blogged. It seems I did not believe I had anything worth saying. But for the first time in a long time I do have something that needs being said.

Recently, the CEO of Goya foods was attacked by the intolerant socialist for praising the President of the United States of America for creating an environment where his company was able to flourish. This is a company created by immigrants serving the immigrant Latin American community and employing them. This company gave my father, a back then recent escapee of the intolerant communist dictatorship of Cuba and destroyers of free speech, his first decent job in the USA. It was that job that enabled him to get into the food industry and have success with Progresso foods. It was that ability given to him by the hand of the company of Goya Foods that enabled him to later on also become successful and found the money transmittal company RIA ENVIA which after being sold, many years later has become RIA Financial Services.

Black beans are a staple foods of many Latin Americans. They are the food shared by the Cubans when they fought for their independence. They are the food that united Blacks, Whites and Mulatos as they fought side by side to their death against the Spaniards in their war for independence. They are the food that sustained them through hardships and freedoms hard fought for and eventually won. They are the heart of the real and recognized ending of slavery and creation of an unprejudiced independent people that are called Cuban.

Even now across the gap from the USA to the island nation of Cuba there is a love that never ends. The Cubans that make it to this free country work hard and send money back to the Island nation to support family and friends. Meanwhile, the cruel criminal dictatorship, which robs the people of their freedoms and ability to earn a good living still exists. The system has been able to continue to keep the people under their oppressive feet by the help of external funding, though now some of that is beginning to falter.

The Cubans here, both born here and recently arriving still dream for the days we can be reunited with our fellow islanders in a free Cuba. Where we can go and enjoy a real Cuba Libre with breaded steak, black beans and rice. It is a dream I always had hoped I would be able to share with my father but sadly he passed before it could come true.

My Dad

Now, in this great free country of the United States of America there are those that want to continue to try the failed experiment know as socialism, or rightly known as communism. Well, I for one will not stand for it. I will fight if needed to protect this great nation from the evil that has persecuted generations of Cubans with poverty, imprisonment and death for speaking their minds.

In search for food

I have great respect for Robert Unanue for standing his ground. I have great respect for the company which brings pride to many Latin Americans such as myself. And I say again that Black Beans Matter because they are a real symbol of our unity as a people representing freedom and love.

Covid-19 and its Effect on One Life

It has been several months since the announcement of the spread of the deadly virus Covid-19 became news. As it creeped over the borders and began making its presence know in the European continents it seemed the measures being taken in some countries had become Draconian and extremely exaggerated. I admit I thought the Italians dramatic; I thought this distancing us from people a cruel way of dealing with this issue.

Now the virus has made it to the shore of the United States of America. Living in the metropolitan area of New York City, I have become particularly effected. As an asthmatic and a person with borderline high blood pressure I am considered a high-risk candidate if I would contract the virus. I was asked to stay home until such time the risk is minimized. However, my understanding is that it will not be minimized and the measures we are putting ourselves through is only to slow the virus down so that hospitals can cope with what will be a tidal wave of illnesses. As of this moment, as the media and government paint of picture of death and gloom the numbers of death and illnesses globally, statistically speaking are not as severe.

I am now on my fourth day of quarantine from the office. The first two days were interesting getting situated. The third, I was totally overwhelmed as the markets continued their insane downward spiral and the fourth day, I am feeling isolated and trapped. But I am blessed at least for the time being.

I am blessed because our business is fairing well. I am blessed because I will still have a job coming out of the other side of this and because I will likely survive the virus.

I though, am very concerned about the collateral damage which I believe will be much greater than the actual virus. The global economy is being crushed. People are losing their small savings overnight and worse those with no savings are losing their jobs.

If I feel trapped and angry while having security, I cannot imagine the anxiety of those who are losing jobs and money. How will they feed their families if they cannot work? We have shut down restaurants, bars, movie theaters, concert halls and gyms. These are all industries that employ lower earning part of our economy. This quarantine cannot be sustained for a long period. Because we will be passing one form of suffering up for another which may in the end analysis be worse.

The world has become so averse to suffering that we go to any extreme for individualism. The concern for death of individuals over the concern of death of our society. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to say that we should do nothing. I mean to say that this has got to be done with a balance. There must be controls in place to protect the system we have all worked so hard to build.

For instance, allowing the stock market to free fall since these state actions have come about is a serious misstep. Just as the government has shut down many businesses, the stock exchanges should have also been shut down. In the current scenario being played out by state governments, only the wealthy will come out the other end unscathed while the public working in the entertainment and service industries sectors will suffer greatly. This is not at all equitable.bernie

It has not been a week and I want to go back to the office.  I want to walk the streets and I want to buy a lamb gyro from the street vendor. Now I know what it would be like to live under a totalitarian socialist government. Maybe a taste of this medicine, though harsh and perhaps necessary will also serve to remind people of the importance of liberty.

All the Diets Under the Sun – Chapter 6 – Settling Down


In this podcast I discuss the dramatic changes in my life and how it leads me to my all time highest weight. Which sadly I am not to far from again except things are worse now. I am more that 20 years older, the struggle becomes more difficult.

I hope you enjoy it!


Of Human Sacrifice to the Nature Gods

I woke the other evening upset. The horrors of the recent months just keep pestering me and not letting me rest. After the recent news I have come to realize we are fast becoming a society of idol worshipers, offering the blood of others for our well-being. And worse yet it is the people in power which are doing nothing but promoting this holocaust.
We the people are being fed lies that we need to feed our Mother Earth (Gaia) or she will surely destroy us. We can no longer exist on this earth and prosper. We must exist in servitude to the great goddess. We are told from every media outlet that if we do not do these things that Gaia will surely kill us all! That we are but mere worthless visitors on this planet and every other creature has more rights than human beings.
Surely, you are saying you have not heard this. But you have, and I have been hearing it loud and clear since the 1970s. However, back then we were told that because of our existence that the world would come to an end and would all die of Global Freezing. Luckily false prophets typically give dates of expectations and this was supposed to have happened by the 1990s. Then by the late 1980s the false prophets realized this was not going to work, so they now began to propagate Global Warming and that we would all die when the polar ice caps melt because of human ineptitude and again we were supposed to all be dead by the year 2000. When that didn’t happen, and we had some very cold years in the first decade of the new millennia they changed their propaganda to declare that climate change is our enemy and if we do not do something about it we will all be dead in another fifteen to twenty years.
The problem here is twofold. They want us to worship the earth under fear of punishment of their false gods and the second that we humans are worthless and do not have the right to exist and create in nature. This discounting of the human persons is nothing new and goes back thousands of years to the time of human sacrifice to the gods. This is where we are today.
Because of the false prophets and their religion wanting the sacrifice of others for the good of this earth, it has rightly become a culture of human sacrifice. This human sacrifice is the culture of death. The interesting thing is that the proponents of this false religion, the worship of the earth above human life are typically the powerful and wealthy. They want to get everyone to serve them by serving their false god. Just like Hitler got his people onboard with his Arianism and the goal of the perfect human beings, they would not suffer the handicapped and hence would only sacrifice for their goal. To that end they offered up the blood of the Jews, the handicapped and the Christians that refused to bend to their will. This is being repeated. In the name of not accepting any hardships and for the good of the “people” or for their great goddess Gaia they want to make human life expedient.
In New York State the great demon Governor Mario Cuomo has legalized infanticide. He has done this by revoking medical care to babies that may be born alive and were unwanted. This horror has since been the target of good willed people who have tried many times to pass the Born Alive Act to protect living babies outside the womb. But the Federal Government continues to reject the act. So many of the politicians receive funding from the greatest evil organization in this country Planned Parenthood that it has become next to impossible for Democrat politicians of good morals to speak their mind. But are there really any Democrats left of good moral standing? The party has become the poster child for abortion.
Then most recently the second prophet of the goddess Gaia, demon No.2 NJ Governor Murphy, has legalized assisted suicide. This is the ultimate in indifference to human life and suffering. Persons who are at a point of suffering are now going to be told they should kill themselves because it is not worth living with their affliction. In many countries where this has existed for some time, like in the Netherlands the elderly.cease to go to physicians for fear of being put to death legally. This is the path to the world that Adolf Hitler envisioned, but instead of Arianism it is all for the goddess Gaia.
What would a world full of perfectly healthy people be like? It would be a world where there is no love, no compassion and a total selfish disregard for the any other person. It is quick becoming so, the wealthy and powerful will feel better about themselves as the kill off the sick for the praise of the earth. All hail the Goddess of Climate Change and bow down before her so that we may have our comforts and death to all as a sacrifice to her that impede our materialism and selfishness in any way.
This is the way of it, folks, I am all for caring for our environment but for the good of humankind. I am for caring and loving all from conception to natural death. Sure there are some instances where there may be extenuating circumstances but it is not in most cases that way. We must protect human life as a precious, simply because it really is. The world was here before us and will be after so please stop the nonsense of saving the earth. It is care for each other by caring for our environment not at the cost of our lives for the environment.
Now that I go this out of my system I hope I can sleep better.

All the Diets Under the Sun – Chapter Four – Life Moves On


I hope you are enjoying the story so far. If you are this chapter will end one phase and is a must to get to the rest of the story. 

My goal is to crank out four more chapters next week. If I accomplish this it will bring us more than half way through the book!

Until my next podcast, farewell!