Writing a book – Day One

Dazed an confusedI have had this idea in my head for many months. I want to write a book about my battle with my weight. The reason is because so many books about dieting are not about the actual experience of doing it but “How To” books. Mine will be more of a “How Not To” book. The goal is not to write some great large tome but a short narrative about my experiences which will help others avoid the pitfalls and the marketing schemes that lead people like me to failure.

I have written a few pages already and I like the flow. I think it will be such a short and easy read that it should be popular when I bring it to print. I unlike my father, I am writing for the masses. The plan is to make it an eBook. I believe this will reach a greater audience. If it is successful then I will write larger volumes. But I have learned over the years it is better to test the waters than to jump in head first without knowing what lies ahead.

Wish Me luck!