Tough election but I am with Dr. Watson-Vote Trump




It has not been an easy decision. Many whose opinion I deeply respect have recommended strongly against my doing so.  Not least among these are several members of my immediate family.  My own children think that voting for Mr. Trump is, well, “deplorable.”  Certainly, there are many reasons not to vote for Mr. Trump.  I only wish that the man would not make a point of adding to them on an almost daily basis.

The option of either not voting at all or voting for a write-in or for a third-party candidate is a tempting alternative.  Voting for a third party candidate or for any candidate that you truly respect is never “throwing your vote away.”  It is a moral victory of one!

However, I have finally decided to vote for Mr. Trump on behalf of a special, undocumented American.  She has not been in this country long enough to be allowed to vote.  So I have decided to cast my ballot in her place.

Mr. Trump is, at his best, a very successful businessman and he certainly knows how to motivate a crowd.  At his worst, he is huckster, a carnival sideshow barker. Hardly the ideal presidential candidate – P.T. Barnum goes to Washington.

While Mr. Trump’s candidacy is dubious, Ms. Clinton’s presidency will be an unmitigated disaster.  We have to choose between a clown and a cobra.  As one pundit put it, “My trouble with Trump is that I do not know what he will do.  The trouble with Clinton is that I know exactly what she will do!”


Trump’s campaign consists largely of theoretical constructs.  What he will actually do in Washington remains to be seen.  Much of his rhetoric could be dismissed as bombast and vacuous campaign promises.  On the other hand, there is nothing theoretical about the Clinton threat.  The bloody reality of today is that 1.2 million abortions are now being performed in America every year.  Ms. Clinton celebrates this reality and pledges to expand it to a spectacular extent.  She envisions a single, federally-mandated healthcare system in which tax-funded abortion-on-demand will be freely provided universally.  She has little patience with those in the healthcare system who have grave moral reservations.  Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals – we, too, will have a right to choose – either choose to conform or choose another line of work!

Beyond the transformation of our country into a power house of abortion-on-demand, Clinton envisions worldwide dominance of the abortion culture.  Through the UN and through multiple US overseas programs, Ms. Clinton will ensure that abortion-on-demand is forcefully promoted and funded throughout the world.  The rights of Catholic nations will be trampled just as surely as the rights of Catholics in the US will be disregarded.  No one will long stand in the path of the Clinton’s pro-abortion juggernaut.

Ms. Clinton declares that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”

The evil that President Clinton will achieve, even in four years, let alone in eight, will endure – certainly past my lifetime. The appointment of pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court will insure that not even our Constitution will stand in the way.

The situation, with respect to the vice-presidential candidate, is even starker from a Catholic standpoint.  Mr. Pence is, by all measures, a soundly pro-life Christian.  Mr. Kaine is the worst of all possibilities.  He is a proudly self-declared Catholic and, at the same time, a 100% pro-abortion advocate.  He states that he is personally opposed to abortion. (However, it is not clear why he would be opposed “personally” to the exercise of an act that he believes to be a basic human right – one which he now actively promotes as a US senator.) More sadly still, Senator Kaine came into office as a pro-life Democrat, but has since converted to the dark side. Planned Parenthood endorses his candidacy enthusiastically; he now has a 100% pro-abortion voting record!

Senator Kaine was brought up as a Catholic and trained by Jesuits. He spent time working in a mission in Honduras.  He took time out from that mission, in order to make a difficult pilgrimage to neighboring Nicaragua, where he met with a self-declared Marxist priest, who was serving there as chaplain to a band of communist guerillas.  Whatever inspiration Senator Kaine received from this Marxist guru, in terms of “liberation theology,” evidently did not extend to liberating from oppression the weakest and most defenseless of our little brothers and sisters – those unborn children who are depending on us for protection in the wombs their mothers.  It is bad enough to have an anti-Catholic, such as Hillary Clinton, running for president.  But to have a man, who claims to be a Catholic, teaming with her to turn America into an abortion powerhouse is truly deplorable. We have the possibility (albeit small) that Ms. Clinton would become the first president to be convicted of a felony. In any event, Vice President Kaine will be, for the next four years or more, one heartbeat away from becoming Commander-in-Chief. We would face the specter of a President who is, in this world, the most powerful Catholic on earth and, at the same time, the proud champion of the wholesale, murderous expansion of abortion-on-demand across America and throughout the entire world. Then we would face the possibility (albeit also very unlikely) of his becoming the first president ever to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  Were that to happen, you could be sure that liberal Democrats and the media would lionize him for his courage – the Patron Saint of Planned Parenthood. The Clinton/Kaine duo will truly mark our nation with the Sign of Kaine.

So there you have it.  What a disaster for democracy this election seems to be!  Two candidates for President of the United States in a mad race to the bottom!  The goal for each of them seems to be, not so much to get their supporters to vote for them, as to convince supporters of their opponent to either stay home and not vote at all or to vote for a third candidate.  The alternative is to “hold your nose” and vote for the less bad candidate.  In ancient times, there was what was called the “War of Roses.”  This election might be called the “War of Noses.”

Well, I am not holding my nose.  Rather, I am holding my breath in suspense and gasping at the thought of an America in which the Clinton presidency would cement and celebrate federally funded abortion-on-demand, worldwide, for the foreseeable future – for the rest of my life and beyond. Whatever issues ‘The Donald’ has going against him, the issue of protecting all human life takes precedence. I guess you could say that it ‘trumps’ all other issues!

So I am casting my vote for Mr. Trump – for the sake of all America – but especially for that undocumented American that I mentioned at the outset.  Yes, as you have probably guessed, the undocumented young lady, on whose behalf I am voting, is a little unborn baby girl.  Call me a radical, but I believe that dismembering her is wrong – dead wrong! Where is the ‘women’s vote’ when this little lady really needs it? I am voting to safeguard for her a world in which being unwanted or inconvenient is no longer a death sentence, neither before nor after birth.

I will be casting my vote, not only for Mr. Trump, but also for all the other pro-life candidates on the ballot. They will need support especially in this election.  I will be voting, down the line, in full support of the Republican Party’s solidly pro-life platform. Please join with me in doing the same.  Vote as if life depended on it – because it does!

Meanwhile, today and every day – PRAY! PRAY!  PRAY!


Richard A. Watson, M.D