Which country’s chocolate is the best?

Someone actually posted this question in a computer forum. I felt compelled to answer it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

This question is relative. Chocolate is made from Cocoa. This of course is not grown in any of the countries which have made great claims to delicious chocolates. It then becomes important where they import their cocoa from. Once you have established that then next comes sugar content.

Do you like sweet or semi-sweet? Hence you have to study the amount of sugar contained and as with cocoa where they get their sugar from. Refined sugar which is used in most chocolates is highly addictive and is considered more so than cocaine. This is why the food industry so freely uses sugar in their goods knowing you will return for more because you will have no choice.

Then finally there is the dairy component of the cream. Where is it made and how is it prepared? The fat content of the cream is very important. Interestingly though major marketing propaganda has many people convinced it is not good for you. The truth is that sugar is a much worse component in food products. Fat has none of the addictive qualities of sugar and is also a necessary nutrient. The fat is what gives the cream or milk its rich silky smooth feeling. Most people enjoy the creamy style chocolates.

All this being said it becomes a personal choice. So I look at the cost for the chocolate and the enjoyment from eating it. Hence my favorite chocolates are made by Hershey’s, Cadbury and Lindt. That is the USA, the UK and Switzerland. I will still eat the overpriced and highly overrated chocolates from other countries as long as someone else is paying for them.

Delicious Chocolate
Delicious Chocolate