Darkness in the Land

WHite houseThere is darkness in this land
An evil pressing
A powerful man
his title empowers him as he were grand

his words and smiles
Like a magic spell
Promising gifts
he knows them well

A few see through
his false compassion
Peddling lies
Proved by his actions

The enemy is at our gate
The door he has opened
To destroy and condemn us
To a dismal fate

Brutality he does not stop
Evil at our door
The ambassador pays
Heartbeat ended with a sudden pop

he also helps to kill within
Unborn children sold
For body parts
As if they were mere calf skin

Refusing to stop, he exacerbates
This horrible trade
Promising to punish
All who refuse to participate

his time is coming to end
As the head of this promised land
The damage that is done
Malignant and planned

To correct what has been done
The truth needs to be revealed
Or else the cancer
Will spread
Never to be healed
© Miguel Perez-Santalla

*Note the “he” was purposely not capitalized out of a complete disdain for this person.