Evil is not Tough, Courage is to Love

I had the most interesting revelation yesterday. I was reading about the evils in World War Two. The Nazis and their intent on destruction of the Jews and Christians that stood in their way. I wondered how is it that this came to be? How could so many peopled be duped by the socialist fascists of the day to denounce and kill their fellow human beings for the mere reason that they were different. They did not pose a physical threat to anyone.

Then I realized it was lack of real courage.a lack of fortitude against evil and finally it was a lack of love. To be able to love in the face of evil is true courage.

People who perpetrate evil acts are actually cowards. They are not tough in the least. This is why they need to work in crowds or act in darkness. They don’t want to be seen for what they truly are. They pass laws that are against the natural order of life behind closed doors. They blackmail others to do their bidding through money or threats. Their lack of ability to defend their positions in the public square without first having to resort to back door tactics and later to violence proves their obvious lack of intellect. Without reason, they have no defense so they always have to strong arm those that can deconstruct any arguments they claim to have.

Many people people betray their fellow man for selfish gains such as power and wealth. They are shallow and their lives are empty. Eventually they lose the position of worldly power when men and women begin to stand up against evil.

For men and women to stand up to evil they have to first acknowledge that every human life is precious. Without this first step then there is no room for love. When mankind acknowledges that all human life is precious then courage comes into the heart. That courage comes into existence because of LOVE for all mankind. Until this becomes the priority in men’s heart then many cowards will let evil run rampant in this world.

Evil men and women are no only in far away countries. They are in the cities of every major country in the world. They have made a stronghold in most of the cities in the United States of America and now threaten to run every aspect of an individual’s life. This can only be done when the state becomes totalitarian. Sadly my friends unless we have the courage to stand up when someone wants you to accept lies as truths then we will become the cowards and willing accomplices of evil.

This is what happened in the Germany¬†of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party., Socialist Russia, Communist China, Communist Cuba and many other places around the globe. Millions have died at the hands of cowards with weapons. Hundred of thousands tortured and killed to push forward their agenda.

It is time that every individual stand up for each other. Every human life is important! I might not agree with you but I must stand up for your right to speak your mind at any time anywhere respectfully. When governments start creating laws to prohibit freedom of speech like in New York City where you will be fined if you call a male “Mister” if he considers himself a “She” is an unjust twist of the natural order (another word for reality) and an outright lie.de_blasio_marxist-300x263

We can’t believe it but it is happening. It is time people stop being cowards and open their hearts by loving and protecting their fellow man. This can be done by defending truth and freedom and freedom of speech.