The Decline of Honor and True Love

Woman deserve honor and respect. This post discuss the sad state of modern society’s treatment of women.

I grew up in a time that some often call the sexual revolution. It was a time of anything goes experimentation with sexual encounters. There was a new disregard for any respect for the other person. The goal of the revolution in my mind was nothing unique or new. Why it is called a revolution is beyond me.

The new, so called revolution was not about freedom of expression. It was not about the liberation of inhibitions. It was not about “love”. The truth the new mentality was nothing but the absolute success of the aggressor to be a selfish as possible. It is about persons entering into an arrangement that is devoid of responsibility or regard for the other person. It is about pure and utter selfishness and uniquely grotesque behavior.

The cause of this selfishness derives plainly as the nose on my face from the advent of contraception. This mentality believes in no responsibility in the sexual act of intercourse. They view the act as a form of pleasure seeking. However it is obvious from the simple fact that in the act of intercourse, that is natural, a woman may become pregnant with a living human child. It is not simply for pleasure. But our modern society discounts human life as the Romans had. We have not progressed we have declined to a barbarity not seen in centuries.

The modern mentality now sees human life as a commodity. It does not respect the gift of offspring if not planned. It wants intelligent human beings to believe that the child now living in a woman’s womb is something other than human life. This is absurd and an insult to an intelligent person.
The selfishness of our society wants to do away with human life as we would an unwanted pest. We want to kill that which we cannot see. Since it is out of sight it is out of mind. We can lie to ourselves but we know it is no other than murder. The ultimate in selfishness is to kill for one’s own pleasure. The destruction of one life for our own goals is clearly the way criminal organizations work.

But this revolution used the guise of Women’s Liberation. Women can now work unencumbered by the male of her species! Interestingly the effect has been the opposite. Men have been liberated from the responsibility of a relationship with the female. He can easily disappear while the woman is now left alone to raise a child or even worse he will use all his evil guile to pressure a woman to kill her child.

Oh, there are woman out there that claim this is liberating and they are proud of having had a child aborted. Yet the truth speaks louder that the evil lies these women profess. There are armies of women who have survived this horror to realize they have wronged their unborn child and their own bodies. Sadly in many cases woman have also died in the process, making it two deaths in the fell swoop of the abortionists propaganda and pressure.

Contraception if looked on rightly is not a successful form of birth control. It often fails and puts men and women in a position they never expected to be in. Even worse is that it is a lie. It is not pleasurable simply because it is an empty act devoid of meaning. It has no love behind it. There is no commitment to one or the other. It is simply put the act of mutual masturbation. It lacks love because the real product of an honest human love is the willingness to receive each others inner being in an act of joining together to create a unique life.

This way of thinking our society has seen it keen to turn our woman into tramps. Our woman young and old are constantly being told they have to sell themselves to the opposite sex to have value. All you have to do is go to any newsstand and read the covers of the woman’s magazines. It is the utmost degradation of the female of our society and one that is now sadly ingrained.

Recently I was speaking to a young man of my acquaintance whom had told me of recent trip he took to Boston with a lady friend. I am no fool and I know that they were of course sharing the same bed. Later the same week he told me he wanted to meet a friend of his. I asked whom would that be? He gave me the name of the same young woman he had traveled to Boston. I was confused, I said “Oh, your girlfriend”. But he denied that she was his girlfriend to the point that it was obvious he did not even value her as a friend, only as a valueless acquaintance. She was simply a tool for his pleasure even though they shared the most intimate of acts. She was his prostitute though she may not realize it. He is simply put, using her to fulfill his sexual needs.

A friend would risk his life for you. A friend would have concern for your well-being. A friend makes sacrifices for the other in any relationship. I have friends both male and female and I care for them all and where ever possible I will go out of my way for them. Most of all I would never deny the relationship I have with any kindred spirit.

I sadly believe woman have been fooled to believe they are better now than their ancestors. The truth is exactly the opposite. Women were held in high regard and with respect. Woman held high and powerful positions. Women and men together raised a society based on real intimate love for one another. They shared their pains and sorrows and came out the other side. Men adored them whether wife, mother, sister or Queen. Mostly men would lay down their lives for their women in the past.

Sadly, now men run from women. They don’t want commitment to a woman and even worse they have no respect. They may smile and make a woman laugh but when he takes her to his bed he is not saying I love you. He is saying thanks for relieving me.

I only wish to end this rant to say I despise our recent history in regards to the human sexual relations and most of all the times I grew up in. I was misled and lied to and in the process it made my life very difficult. If possible I would go back and correct the actions of my youth. Without the ability to do that all I pray is that real women take the lead and put selfish men back in their place. They must change society so that a woman is respected for her mind and skills. So that the males may come to once again respect woman’s honor and his own place again beside a good strong woman.

It Certainly Can be a Wonderful Life

This past Saturday evening we watched the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” produced and directed by Frank Capra, in its entirety. I had not watched it since I was a child. I always remembered it was truly a beautiful film but I did not comprehend at the time the message and meaning of the film.

its_a_wonderful_life_movie_posterThis movie is a social commentary on the both the positive and negative of capitalism. On the one hand we have the Bailey’s who run a for profit business that supports the community and cares for its people. On the other we have Mr. Potter the contemptible corrupt character of the movie whose sole purpose is profit and does not care a moment for those less unfortunate than he.

The difference between the two men is clear. No, it is not the economic environment they are working. In fact it is obvious that from the movie the capitalist system when put to good, works for the people of Bedford Falls. Bailey Building and Loan is in the forefront of the success and better way of living for many of the residents such as Mr. Martini an Italian immigrant. Mr. Martini successfully works his way out of the slums, owned and operated by Potter, with the support of the Building and Loan, which is intimated by Mr. and Mrs. Bailey helping him move to his new home.

Mr. Potter on the flipside is envious of every positive event that favors the Building and Loan. Not because they are successful but because they are generous. It is their kindness and charity which he abhors. He looks for every possibility to put them out of business even offering George Bailey a hefty salary and world travel to entice him to leave the organization. But he didn’t take the bait. It wouldn’t be until Potter’s opportunistic theft of a deposit that belonged to the Bailey Bank and Loan that he almost succeeds. This theft almost drove the business into bankruptcy.

But here is the interesting part. Just when George Bailey is about to commit suicide so his family can collect on his life insurance policy the Good Lord speaks to him through an angel. Clarence pointed out to George through his special gifts where real beauty and riches lay. George repents of his foolishness and runs home realizing he was hundreds of times wealthier for the love of his family. Then his patrons and friends from throughout the years come out to support him and beat the evil Mr. Potter’s scheme.

All the time George had been in a fight as we all are. He was in a fight with the Devil personified by Potter. A crueler self-centered and evil demon cannot walk the earth. And when failing to destroy from without he turns his guile towards the private temptation of George Bailey. He tempts him by offering him his wishes and dreams as if there would be no consequence. But George who is a sound moral Christian man sees the offer for what it is; eternal damnation. For surely his soul and his whole being would have been destroyed under the yoke of the evil that is Potter.

This is certainly one of the most beautiful movies ever made for the Christmas season. It speaks of the most important commandment that the baby Jesus arrived on this earth to share with us. “‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.’ This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like it, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 22:35-40)

The fictional character George Bailey was set before us a Christ like character for our times. He sacrificed his whole life for others, losing his hearing on saving his brother’s life, being beaten when standing up to the error of his superior, and sacrificing his dreams to run the business that he knew the community needed. He did not know all the people but they came to know and love him. This is because when asking Christ in his heart who is my neighbor, he knew the answer and always answered the call for help just like the Good Samaritan.

Any system will not work when it is run by immoral and malevolent men. This means if we are to ever live in peace on this earth we must instill charity and love in the hearts of all people. Only in this way will there ever be equity among all people for the fruits of their labor.

For this movie alone I pray that Mr. Frank Capra is enjoying the riches of heaven. I pray more that people in this world open their minds to the teachings of this film which in the end are derived from the words and teachings our Lord Jesus Christ that will lead to love and peace that can be shared on this earth.

Merry Christmas!

Tough election but I am with Dr. Watson-Vote Trump




It has not been an easy decision. Many whose opinion I deeply respect have recommended strongly against my doing so.  Not least among these are several members of my immediate family.  My own children think that voting for Mr. Trump is, well, “deplorable.”  Certainly, there are many reasons not to vote for Mr. Trump.  I only wish that the man would not make a point of adding to them on an almost daily basis.

The option of either not voting at all or voting for a write-in or for a third-party candidate is a tempting alternative.  Voting for a third party candidate or for any candidate that you truly respect is never “throwing your vote away.”  It is a moral victory of one!

However, I have finally decided to vote for Mr. Trump on behalf of a special, undocumented American.  She has not been in this country long enough to be allowed to vote.  So I have decided to cast my ballot in her place.

Mr. Trump is, at his best, a very successful businessman and he certainly knows how to motivate a crowd.  At his worst, he is huckster, a carnival sideshow barker. Hardly the ideal presidential candidate – P.T. Barnum goes to Washington.

While Mr. Trump’s candidacy is dubious, Ms. Clinton’s presidency will be an unmitigated disaster.  We have to choose between a clown and a cobra.  As one pundit put it, “My trouble with Trump is that I do not know what he will do.  The trouble with Clinton is that I know exactly what she will do!”


Trump’s campaign consists largely of theoretical constructs.  What he will actually do in Washington remains to be seen.  Much of his rhetoric could be dismissed as bombast and vacuous campaign promises.  On the other hand, there is nothing theoretical about the Clinton threat.  The bloody reality of today is that 1.2 million abortions are now being performed in America every year.  Ms. Clinton celebrates this reality and pledges to expand it to a spectacular extent.  She envisions a single, federally-mandated healthcare system in which tax-funded abortion-on-demand will be freely provided universally.  She has little patience with those in the healthcare system who have grave moral reservations.  Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals – we, too, will have a right to choose – either choose to conform or choose another line of work!

Beyond the transformation of our country into a power house of abortion-on-demand, Clinton envisions worldwide dominance of the abortion culture.  Through the UN and through multiple US overseas programs, Ms. Clinton will ensure that abortion-on-demand is forcefully promoted and funded throughout the world.  The rights of Catholic nations will be trampled just as surely as the rights of Catholics in the US will be disregarded.  No one will long stand in the path of the Clinton’s pro-abortion juggernaut.

Ms. Clinton declares that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”

The evil that President Clinton will achieve, even in four years, let alone in eight, will endure – certainly past my lifetime. The appointment of pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court will insure that not even our Constitution will stand in the way.

The situation, with respect to the vice-presidential candidate, is even starker from a Catholic standpoint.  Mr. Pence is, by all measures, a soundly pro-life Christian.  Mr. Kaine is the worst of all possibilities.  He is a proudly self-declared Catholic and, at the same time, a 100% pro-abortion advocate.  He states that he is personally opposed to abortion. (However, it is not clear why he would be opposed “personally” to the exercise of an act that he believes to be a basic human right – one which he now actively promotes as a US senator.) More sadly still, Senator Kaine came into office as a pro-life Democrat, but has since converted to the dark side. Planned Parenthood endorses his candidacy enthusiastically; he now has a 100% pro-abortion voting record!

Senator Kaine was brought up as a Catholic and trained by Jesuits. He spent time working in a mission in Honduras.  He took time out from that mission, in order to make a difficult pilgrimage to neighboring Nicaragua, where he met with a self-declared Marxist priest, who was serving there as chaplain to a band of communist guerillas.  Whatever inspiration Senator Kaine received from this Marxist guru, in terms of “liberation theology,” evidently did not extend to liberating from oppression the weakest and most defenseless of our little brothers and sisters – those unborn children who are depending on us for protection in the wombs their mothers.  It is bad enough to have an anti-Catholic, such as Hillary Clinton, running for president.  But to have a man, who claims to be a Catholic, teaming with her to turn America into an abortion powerhouse is truly deplorable. We have the possibility (albeit small) that Ms. Clinton would become the first president to be convicted of a felony. In any event, Vice President Kaine will be, for the next four years or more, one heartbeat away from becoming Commander-in-Chief. We would face the specter of a President who is, in this world, the most powerful Catholic on earth and, at the same time, the proud champion of the wholesale, murderous expansion of abortion-on-demand across America and throughout the entire world. Then we would face the possibility (albeit also very unlikely) of his becoming the first president ever to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  Were that to happen, you could be sure that liberal Democrats and the media would lionize him for his courage – the Patron Saint of Planned Parenthood. The Clinton/Kaine duo will truly mark our nation with the Sign of Kaine.

So there you have it.  What a disaster for democracy this election seems to be!  Two candidates for President of the United States in a mad race to the bottom!  The goal for each of them seems to be, not so much to get their supporters to vote for them, as to convince supporters of their opponent to either stay home and not vote at all or to vote for a third candidate.  The alternative is to “hold your nose” and vote for the less bad candidate.  In ancient times, there was what was called the “War of Roses.”  This election might be called the “War of Noses.”

Well, I am not holding my nose.  Rather, I am holding my breath in suspense and gasping at the thought of an America in which the Clinton presidency would cement and celebrate federally funded abortion-on-demand, worldwide, for the foreseeable future – for the rest of my life and beyond. Whatever issues ‘The Donald’ has going against him, the issue of protecting all human life takes precedence. I guess you could say that it ‘trumps’ all other issues!

So I am casting my vote for Mr. Trump – for the sake of all America – but especially for that undocumented American that I mentioned at the outset.  Yes, as you have probably guessed, the undocumented young lady, on whose behalf I am voting, is a little unborn baby girl.  Call me a radical, but I believe that dismembering her is wrong – dead wrong! Where is the ‘women’s vote’ when this little lady really needs it? I am voting to safeguard for her a world in which being unwanted or inconvenient is no longer a death sentence, neither before nor after birth.

I will be casting my vote, not only for Mr. Trump, but also for all the other pro-life candidates on the ballot. They will need support especially in this election.  I will be voting, down the line, in full support of the Republican Party’s solidly pro-life platform. Please join with me in doing the same.  Vote as if life depended on it – because it does!

Meanwhile, today and every day – PRAY! PRAY!  PRAY!


Richard A. Watson, M.D

Bathroom Solution- Simple

The other day I read that two men and a young woman were beaten in a hotel by LGBT activists for not allowing the males into the female’s bathroom while an elderly woman was using it. Now this is really getting out of hand.

The funny point is this is a question of fact over perception. Men that want to be women or women that want to be men want to act the role without being one. In this twisted world that we live in where fact is discounted and truths are determined to be relative, that leaves the civil society only one choice to me, that is to make a major change.

Bathrooms should no longer be labeled Men or Women. The bathrooms must now be changed to the point where there is no ability to rationalize away truth. This means that one bathroom must be labeled Humans with Penis or Human with Vagina. I believe this would solve the issue.Men's room door

Human with penis, no longer means a male that is heterosexual. Human with Vagina, no longer means a woman that will most likely have children and be a loving mother. Now we just simply state the fact allowing no space for relativism and interpretation.

The future’s bathrooms will now be marked P or V. This will have to come soon for society to survive or we will be having more violent altercations due to this perversion of reality.


PS: I just finished the first draft of my book.

Evil is not Tough, Courage is to Love

I had the most interesting revelation yesterday. I was reading about the evils in World War Two. The Nazis and their intent on destruction of the Jews and Christians that stood in their way. I wondered how is it that this came to be? How could so many peopled be duped by the socialist fascists of the day to denounce and kill their fellow human beings for the mere reason that they were different. They did not pose a physical threat to anyone.

Then I realized it was lack of real courage.a lack of fortitude against evil and finally it was a lack of love. To be able to love in the face of evil is true courage.

People who perpetrate evil acts are actually cowards. They are not tough in the least. This is why they need to work in crowds or act in darkness. They don’t want to be seen for what they truly are. They pass laws that are against the natural order of life behind closed doors. They blackmail others to do their bidding through money or threats. Their lack of ability to defend their positions in the public square without first having to resort to back door tactics and later to violence proves their obvious lack of intellect. Without reason, they have no defense so they always have to strong arm those that can deconstruct any arguments they claim to have.

Many people people betray their fellow man for selfish gains such as power and wealth. They are shallow and their lives are empty. Eventually they lose the position of worldly power when men and women begin to stand up against evil.

For men and women to stand up to evil they have to first acknowledge that every human life is precious. Without this first step then there is no room for love. When mankind acknowledges that all human life is precious then courage comes into the heart. That courage comes into existence because of LOVE for all mankind. Until this becomes the priority in men’s heart then many cowards will let evil run rampant in this world.

Evil men and women are no only in far away countries. They are in the cities of every major country in the world. They have made a stronghold in most of the cities in the United States of America and now threaten to run every aspect of an individual’s life. This can only be done when the state becomes totalitarian. Sadly my friends unless we have the courage to stand up when someone wants you to accept lies as truths then we will become the cowards and willing accomplices of evil.

This is what happened in the Germany of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party., Socialist Russia, Communist China, Communist Cuba and many other places around the globe. Millions have died at the hands of cowards with weapons. Hundred of thousands tortured and killed to push forward their agenda.

It is time that every individual stand up for each other. Every human life is important! I might not agree with you but I must stand up for your right to speak your mind at any time anywhere respectfully. When governments start creating laws to prohibit freedom of speech like in New York City where you will be fined if you call a male “Mister” if he considers himself a “She” is an unjust twist of the natural order (another word for reality) and an outright lie.de_blasio_marxist-300x263

We can’t believe it but it is happening. It is time people stop being cowards and open their hearts by loving and protecting their fellow man. This can be done by defending truth and freedom and freedom of speech.



Rachel Weeps at Ramah


Over two thousand years ago
A king’s greed shocked a nation
Children murdered
To protect his power and wealth

Herod who are you?
How is it that you still live?
Many men of our day make you,
Their god of worship

In their hearts
No life is safe,
Not in a mother’s womb
As they give up their children
For an alleged better life

The babies are cut into pieces
Body parts sold for experiment
The destruction of life
The population of countries

No war has been more heinous
No crime so disgusting
Herod, Hilter…..Satan
The goal being accomplished
By those chosen for destruction

They buy into the lies
That material goods and career
Bring joy in this life
Pure nonsense
It is the bane of wise men

Later they awaken
To the evil in their hearts
What have I done?
Where are my children?
Why am I alone at the end of my days?

Their bodies are a shell
No more attraction in this world
No love to fill that empty space
Herod filled their earth

They saw the many praying
Upon death of the innocents
Weeping for their sins,
Praying for their conversion
To turn away and
Join the world building lives

Rachel is weeping
At Ramah,
At the Unites States of America
At the European Union
At the United Nations
For their children are no more

©Miguel Perez-Santalla

On News of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva being taken into custody

26mar2008-o-presidente-do-brasil-luiz-inacio-lula-da-silvaLula* sung to the Kinks Lola

I drank at a bar in old Sao Paolo
Where I drank cachaça mixed with lime and soda
Es-oh-d-aye soda
They walked up to me and asked me what chance
If they used my name and to found a new party and I said Lula
El-U-el-aye Lula la-la-la-la Lula

Well we formed the group the worker’s party
And then I ran for president in 1989
They shouted Lula la-la-la-la Lula

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
Why Brazil loved me as a young man
Shouting Lula la-la-la-la Lula la-la-la-la Lula

Well we worked some more and drank many nights
Under electric candlelight
They picked me up and told to me
You’re going to do what we ask, you will see

Well I’m not the world’s brightest guy
But when I looked in their eyes they greased my palm and said Lula
La-la-la-la Lula la-la-la-la Lula
Lula la-la-la-la Lula la-la-la-la Lula

I pushed away
and walked to the door
Gliding across the floor
I smiled with my teeth
Then I looked at them and them at me

Well that wasn’t the way that it would stay
We won two elections using my name Lula
La-la-la-la Lula
Money will buy toys and make my mind swirl
It’s a mixed up muddled money laundering world for Lula
La-la-la-la Lula

Well I left the presidential office years before
And I’d never ever thought they’d find out more
But I’m Lula smiling and waving my hand
And they said dear boy you’re going in the can

Well I’m not the world’s most intelligent man
And when they greased my palm I should have ran
La-la-la-la Lula la-la-la-la Lula
Lula la-la-la-la Lula la-la-la-la Lula

©William Michael Smith

Is Christmas Day Anticlimactic?

Is Christmas Day Anticlimactic?

Every year Christmas day will come. For many the preparations are many. Such as decorating their homes inside and out, buying gifts for loved ones, and planning the events that come along with the holiday. Christmas parties at friends’ homes, parties with our companies of employment and thanking people for their kindnesses during the year.

But where does this holiday really come from? Oh yes, I know people understand that it is about the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger with humble beginnings. It is the date the Church marks to celebrate his birthday and start the new church calendar year. It is only just that the beginning of the church calendar should start on the date of acknowledgment of the founder’s birthday. Then it begins.

But why do we give gifts? Some look to the Three Wise Men who brought the infant child who would be King; gold, frankincense and myrrh. They recognize who he is and what it meant to the people of the world. They knew that nothing would be the same after the infant child would grow old enough to make known his true purpose. Even they with their worldly knowledge did not discern the true purpose. They did not realize that the world would change.

The gift giving tradition which was accredited to have begun over 1500 years ago by a Christian Bishop by the name of Nicholas in what is now known as modern day Turkey. The birthday of Christ was set to be celebrated at the same time the pagans celebrated the winter solstice. This is of no consequence as ST. Nicholas did this out of his Christi love for the poor and needy. Still the real meanings lies deeper I believe.

The gift giving to each other is a symbol of the gift that God gave us on this earth. The god-man that came down to live with us to teach us the truth of what real love is. The truth of that love is a sacrifice and concern for our neighbors while always remembering our own lives are also a gift from God himself. Jesus Christ taught us that if we are to love we must learn to do it even unto death. He killed the selfishness that existed in the world at the time. He raised the Jewish tradition of love and concern for family to include all men of the world as they were born by God’s will. Jesus was a Jew who changed the world knowing from the moment he entered it he would have to give His life to do it. The true gift he gave us was He and the light which His light which we need every day to live in joy on this world and in exultation with God in the next.


To answer my question; “is Christmas anticlimactic?” I pose to you that it cannot be. This is simply because it is only the beginning of our walk with Christ Jesus. We prepare for Christmas day by day sacrificing little bits and pieces of our lives for others, with prayer and good will. If we have done this when the day comes it is not anything like getting to the end of a show. Instead it is more like being at the gates to a beautiful paradise with hills and valleys that we know we will need to traverse over and over again until we achieve the true end of our work on earth. That is to create a peace and love on earth which knows no bounds.

Only one human being has been able to do this and it is His birth which we acknowledge during the twelve days of Christmas. But the gift we have given should not end on when Christmas ends but should continue for all 365 days of the year. However, there is no harm done in giving in a sign of the gift of love we all wish for and should try to grant everyone we meet.


Copyright 2015 Miguel Perez-Santalla

Disney “The Real Force”

I saw the new Star Wars “The Force Awakens” movie this week. There was tremendous hype surrounding the movie. Everyone in the major media was singing its praises. Because of this and how often I have been led astray by critics when their purses are being lined by the major production companies I went with the expectation of a mediocre movie at best.

As you may have surmised I am going to tell you my thoughts. The first thing is that the studio spent a lot of money on special effects and very little on the story. In the days that eye candy was rare in terms of quality special effects this may have on its own saved a poor movie. We now live in an age where 90% of all action films lack any story that makes sense. The action itself is so unbelievable; it often shocks me as to how stupid the studios think the public actually is. They actually expect us to accept any premise no matter how fantastic. This movie fell in line with the standard formula. It also reaches the height of ridiculousness like movies such as Fast and the Furious.

The New “Death Star” destroys planets by sucking energy from a Sun and then sending that energy as a blast to blow up a planet. Why don’t they just suck the energy off of the sun from the planet’s solar system and the planet would die by itself?

Then they destroy two planets in the Republic, which if they are anything like present day earth support billions of sentient beings and animal life. This calamity is met with less attention than an earlier skirmish and to top it off there is no reflection on the part of the characters about what has happened. This lack of character development leads most of us to have very little concern for the main characters as well.

My favorite character in the movie Finn, a former Storm Trooper, whoops it up during a skirmish when the storm troopers are being killed by the resistance. I can’t imagine that a person who was supposed to have been born and raised to be a Storm Trooper himself would have absolutely no remorse for his former comrades. After all he knows that they have all been programmed by birth as he was and that it was only due to some unforeseen “force” that he himself was able to change and rebel.

The Force Awakens – Finn

Then of course, the real bad guys come into play. Oh, yes they are nasty. But wait, one is the son of Han Solo and General Leia. He has a soft spot and we are supposed to feel sorry for him and hate him at the same time. It is so sad that he can never be as bad as his Grandpa Darth Vader. He also can’t beat the leading lady Rey when it comes to the force. Though she has had no training and he has had the best, he fails to beat her in a light saber duel. But he did manage to kill his daddy with his guard down to prove he is bad.

Finally the rebellion manages to blow up the “Star Killer base”. While the base seems to take mere minutes to destroy planets in systems far, far away it goes into slow motion to implode on itself. Meanwhile Finn, Rey and Chewbacca fight their way to a dysfunctional ship that always performs perfectly when it needs to.

Finally, most of the subplot was about trying to find Luke Skywalker, the key to defeating the dark side. In the end with the help of the droids they track him down. Rey goes out to meet with him on some remote mountaintop in a distant solar system. Many will claim that this story was weak because all it was about was setting us up for the next movie which will be much better…I doubt it.

I guess this type of movie, lacking any serious character development with an extremely weak story line has a home. I think that home though has been developed through the incredible marketing powerhouse that is Disney. A skillfully developed perception as by the emperors’ tailors, this story is a rehash of the original and lacks the proper attire to be taken as a serious attempt at quality entertainment. In the end I feel like the child in the famous fable shouting “the emperor is not wearing any clothes!”